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• Highly effective against urine odours and safe for use in waterless urinals • Prevents uric acid build-up in urinals, toilet bowls and on walls and floors. • May be introduced into the cistern or applied directly on to contaminated surfaces as often as required to maintain clean odourless washrooms. • Contains advanced biological technology to effectively degrade organic matter and uric salts. • Regular cleaning with BIO-Klenz eradicates these deposits, maintaining a cleaner, odour-free washroom. • Works biologically and may be adversely affected by bactericidal cleaners such as bleach and disinfectants.


Spray application Severe odours use 1:1 with water, general maintenance 1:20 parts water and spray onto areas to be cleaned. Once diluted with water BIO Klenz has a working life of approx 14 days depending on conditions. Therefore only mix up as required for use.

Cloth application Pre-moisten area to be cleaned with clean water. Spray or swab contaminated surfaces with undiluted product, working well into the soiling with a clean damp cloth. Leave BIO-Klenz to work for a few minutes before wiping away excess liquid. Do not rinse but allow to dry slowly. Repeat regularly until aged problems have been eradicated. To maintain an odour free washroom, spray and wipe soiled areas regularly with BIO-Klenz.

Mop Application Severe odours use 1:1 with water, general maintenance 1:20 parts water. Regular mopping will control and eradicate odours. Sink and waste outlets Pour a little directly into the sink and urinal outlets during quite periods or at night, to eliminate scale, odours and blockages.

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