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Ways to Stop Toilet Paper Theft

Some of you may remember when toilet roll was printed on in the endeavour to discourage people from taking it home for personal use. In the past, councils were known to print the words “council property” in order to try and deter thieves from taking janitor’s stores by making them more corporate and obvious that they weren’t intended for home use.

At CS4 UK, we’re experts in supplying school janitors in the country with products to make their lives easier. Unfortunately, toilet paper has been the bane of the school janitor’s life for decades, providing an enticing opportunity for students to include it within their mischief making.
We urge janitors across the UK to consider toilet paper theft and thieves as a very real problem, as it can drastically increase spending costs for schools. With a few simple steps and products, you can quite easily cut off paper thieves at the source, and make your life a whole lot easier.

Keep your Consumables Safe

When cleaning and restocking a toilet, it is tempting to leave spare toilet rolls, soap dispensers or other consumables in there – you don’t want anyone running out unexpectedly. However, this can provide a valuable cache of mischief material for children, and your considerate work can be invalidated if they decide to waste your valuable store of supplies and equipment.

White Tissue Paper Roll with sepia backgound

Frequent restocks before break and lunchtimes, or other tactical points throughout the day, may serve you better in the long run, despite the countless other tasks that you have to do; it’s better to try and save as much money as possible than risk theft or losses.

Sturdy, Practical Dispensers

When restocking the bathroom areas as per the previous tip, it’s important to be able to keep the toilet paper safe, in place, and being used for its intended purpose.

There are a range of durable, practical dispensers out there that will keep the toilet-side rolls out of harm’s way, with sturdy constructions to prevent vandalism, and locking mechanisms to prevent theft. In the past, toilet paper manufacturers and schools implemented a system to reduce pilferage of toilet paper which included branding the sheets with their name; their intention was to deter thieves from stealing the paper.

Many dispensers on the market can hold more than one roll at a time, allowing you to refill them even less often. Just make sure that they are firmly mounted to the wall to prevent any theft attempts.
Rolls of toilet paper isolated on white

Toilet paper theft can be costly both short and long term, as it disrupts the school’s proper functioning which means having appropriate and secure dispensers becomes vital. If you have any queries regarding toilet paper or general bathroom products, feel free to contact us on 0800 107 7729 to discuss the best options for you and your school.

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