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Our wealth of experience and a full range of systems means we can provide you with the most appropriate dispensers for your washroom, some of which are supplied free!

Offering multiple options such as single sheet dispensing, single roll or multi roll. You can be assured of a solution that is easy to manage and control.

Below are examples of some of the popular ranges we supply but there are many options besides these. Please contact us and one of our team will be more than happy to guide you through to the option that will be most appropriate for your needs, either over the phone or with a free of charge onsite visit at a time that suits you.



Here at CS4UK, we offer a comprehensive range of washroom consumables and supplies, varying from conventional toilet rolls to soap hand wash. Our wide selection of washroom solutions is a necessity in a range of environments, including schools, universities and public spaces to maintain a positive work environment.

These environments should have the highest of washroom standards and we at CS4UK specialise in building and maintaining washroom hygiene, convenience and safety at a professional level. We achieve this through our wealth of experience and our wide range of quality washroom supplies and consumables.


Are you looking for new and better ways to manage your washroom?

One of most popular products if you are looking to dispense just one sheet of toilet paper at a time is the K-One system, see more, click here to watch video

Washroom supplies and consumables play a key part in the overall experience of visiting the washroom, playing an essential role in making a positive impression on your clients, visitors, students and employees.

Superior washroom solutions create a more professional feel and appearance. It is imperative that you have a fully stocked, clean and easily accessible washroom, and having the correct washroom consumables is the way to do this. CS4UK have been trading and supplying washroom solutions for 25 years. As experts in our field, we understand the need for high quality supplies to complement the washroom at competitive prices

Users of washrooms are becoming increasingly aware of the quality of the products and consumables provided to them, as well as the overall washroom experience. If you give users a 5-star experience, they believe your establishment is also of premium quality. Take advantage of our years of experience and professionalism and use the best washroom consumables from CS4UK.


Whether you need paper towels and hand soap for school soap dispensers, or tissues for a university washroom, we can provide anything that you require, as well as offering a useful fitting service.

The importance of hygiene products for children in schools and nurseries is vital, and is a key stage in the learning and development of hygiene. Having a clean washroom space can also maximise academic performance.

Sanitation products are also a major contributor to the overall standards and comfort of washrooms. Whether you need a sanitary bin or toilet seat wipes, we can provide you with all the essential products you require for your washroom, ensuring the wellbeing and comfort of users.

Other washroom solutions are useful to keep the space tidy, and to make effective use of the area available within the washroom. A roll dispenser, a towel dispenser or a soap dispenser is a great way to create less mess and have a neat, efficient and hygienic space in the office, school, airport, industrial building or other public spaces.


At CS4UK, we understand that each academic and public environment has specific washroom requirements, and our professionalism and experience allows us to be able to help you find exactly what you need to maintain the highest of washroom standards.

Get in touch today for all your washroom consumable needs, as here at CS4UK we can certainly help you.