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How to Maintain Hygiene in a School Environment

Maintaining a high level of hygiene is incredibly important in schools, healthcare environments, and within the business grounds is incredibly important for the safety, general health, and wellbeing of your students or staff.

At CS4 UK, we specialise in making sure that your institution is as clean as possible, while keeping in mind the health and safety standards, so here’s how you can maintain hygiene in your school.

Stock Up on Hygiene Supplies
Always make sure that you are fully stocked up on hygiene supplies, as they are your best friend when it comes to maintaining a high quality level of hygiene. An important product that you need to make sure that there are lots of around the school is hygiene rolls; these blue and white rolls are great for clearing up any spills at lunch and are useful for maintaining clean desks throughout the day.

Another important product that you need within your school is all surface wipes, as they can kill 99.99% of bacteria that may be present, so if you have noticed a spill at a dinner table or on a tray and you’re worried about the spreading of germs, these wipes are for you.

Box of cleaning wipes

Teach Your Pupils Valuable Lessons
As a teacher, it is important to not only teach your students about the curriculum but to also teach them valuable life skills, such as keeping a high level of hygiene. This could include making sure that your students wash their hands every time they go to the toilet, or it could be to ensure that you clean your hands after you have sneezed into your hands, as you don’t want to spread any germs to other pupils.

You can also, if your pupils prefer to learn in an engaging way, make hygiene fun; this will ensure that your pupils will learn everything they are taught and they can also incorporate it into their daily routine at home as well!

A classroom full of students

Undergo a Cleaning Inspection Regularly
Sanitisation is incredibly important for the general health and wellbeing of your staff and students. As such, it is important to make sure that the school premises are properly and thoroughly cleaned every day to ensure that there is no bacteria, dirt, and other harmful germs in the school.

Children have weaker immune systems compared to adults, so you need to make sure that the school environment is spotless and free of any germs that could cause illnesses for your students.

Image of germs

If you have followed these careful and important tips, then you will start noticing differences within the school environment immediately. At CS4 UK, we can provide hygiene cleaning supplies for your school, hospital, or business, meaning that your premises will always be of the highest level of hygiene.

If you want to know more about the products we can provide for you, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0800 107 7729 and we will be more than happy to help with any enquiries you may have.