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Importance of Hygiene in the Food Industry

In areas where food is prepared, manufactured, or served, it’s essential to have safe and effective cleaning practises. If the proper standards aren’t complied with, there is a high chance of issues occurring, such as food poisoning, that may lead to legal action against an organisation.

Having the right cleaning supplies ensures that any eventuality can be dealt with and areas appropriately disinfected so that no allergens or contaminants are spread.



Cross-contamination is a present and serious issue in the food industry; bacteria or other microorganisms can, unintentionally, be transferred from one substance or surface to another, usually having a negative effect.

Whether by direct or indirect contamination, the lack of proper cleaning and hygiene brings high risk of gastroenteritis or serious allergic reactions.




Although there are over 160 foods capable of causing an allergic reaction, there are eight main foods responsible for more than 90% of all allergic reactions. Ensuring these main allergens are properly controlled prevents the most predominant reactions, which is why milk, egg, peanuts, soy, wheat, fish, tree nuts (like cashews and almonds), and shellfish (crustaceans) are considered the Big Eight foods.

By applying similar cleaning procedures that are utilised for bacteria and microorganism control, it’s possible to ensure that no cross-contamination occurs within food.



Pest Control

Cleaning surfaces and floors is vital for pest control. Rats, for example, can spread bacteria and cause food poisoning. Saliva, dead skin cells, urine can trigger allergy reactions and asthma, as they quickly become airborne through rats’ fur.

Keeping good hygiene routines will aid pest control; regular cleaning not only ensures that there is less probability of pests, but it also helps to find them quickly should they exist.


Hygiene and good cleaning practises are essential in every industry, especially in the food industry. With so many serious illnesses that can possibly stem from improper cleaning, the cleaning sector is vital in ensuring that all industries can guarantee to their clients that their business believes in and follows good hygiene practises.

Here at CS4 UK, we have more than 25 years of expertise in supplying the cleaning sector, ensuring you have the best solutions for your working environment. Whether you’re a cleaning contractor or you work in industrial manufacture or public facilities and airports, we provide a high quality service.

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