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Clean Academy is The Standard in Public Hygiene

Driven by the increased awareness in cleaning and hygiene, the Clean Academy standard has been established to help maintain an ongoing high level of cleaning, helping entities engage with their stakeholders to build confidence and demonstrate their commitment to cleanliness and well-being. It is the symbol of excellence in hygiene.

Bringing together the essential elements required for a clean environment, the Clean Academy concept helps you review your current procedures and enables you to score and measure just how clean your environment is. With current proof from COVID-19 of how quick viruses and bacteria can spread, never has it been more important to understand how the key aspects of cleaning impact on your well-being.

Whether you managed your own in-house cleaning team, or you hire cleaning contractors, you need one of these kits to be in control.

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The following aspects are the essential elements for cleanliness.

On our Hands

Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Frequent washing of hands with soap and water and drying thoroughly removes most germs from our hands, dramatically reducing the spread of viruses and bacteria. Removing germs through handwashing therefore helps prevent diarrhoea and respiratory infections and may even help prevent skin and eye infections.

On the Surface

Cleaning frequently touched surfaces is the second step in cleaning and hygiene. Surfaces can look clean but actual be harbouring many bacteria and viruses, indeed they might even smell clean by the overuse of heavily fragrance cleaning solutions. Regular cleaning of these most often touched areas is key to reducing transmission through touch.

In the Air

Airborne sanitising using fogging and aerosolising of disinfectants has become the accepted way to rapidly knock down bacteria and viruses that that have become airborne by coughing, sneezing, vomiting etc. It is the third defence against the spread of contamination and the necessary equipment should be on hand for rapid deployment and use.

Tested and Tracked

Finally, the fourth aspect of cleaning is measurement. Without measurement you cannot prove that a surface is clean and too often you will rely on sight and smell, both of which can give a completely wrong picture and result in poor cleanliness and hygiene. All organic matter, living or once-living, contains Adenosine triphosphate, ATP, an organic compound and hydrotrope that provides energy to drive processes in living cells, including food, bacteria, mould, and other microorganisms. By measuring surfaces for ATP it is possible to obtain an accurate measurement of the level of soiling. Frequent and periodic testing of surfaces puts you in control and enables you to monitor the cleanliness of your facility.

Demonstrating your commitment

As an ambassador and champion of CLEAN ACADEMY we are committed to helping you demonstrate to your stakeholders that you are cleaning to the highest standard. By providing you with the CLEAN ACADEMY KIT we put you immediately in control and you can be sure that you are providing the best working environment. The certificate gives you independent verification of your commitment to cleanliness and hygiene, and can be displayed in your facility and shared with your stakeholders.

Clean Academy hygiene kits

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