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FumiCan Aerosol Disinfectant, pack of 6
Order Code: 40-307

FumiCan is a highly effective, powerful broad-spectrum sanitiser which allows you to quickly sanitise and protect an entire space with just the push of a button. Kills 99.999% of germs, bacteria and viruses in under 2 minutes.


• Lay the can(s) out as required for the area to be covered and ensure cans are evenly distributed

• Ensure the area to be treated is vacated and no people, pets, aquatics, delicate plants or foliage are left in the vicinity. Where necessary display warning signs to prevent unauthorised access.

• Prepare the area to be treated: Isolate/cover all smoke & fire detection systems, ensure all heat sources are removed/turned off and close windows (for best performance, it is recommended that cleaning of surfaces is carried out prior to use)

• Shake the can well for 20 seconds, remove lid, ensure the can is upright and press and lock the total release valve button until it clicks open

• Work in sequence towards the exit route to avoid walking in the aerosol mist

• Exit the space and close the door. Once activated it cannot be stopped until the can has fully dispensed (less than 5 minutes)

• Vacate the area for at least 1 hour or preferably overnight

• Ventilate area for 15 mins (i.e. open windows/doors)

• Reinstate all smoke and fire detection systems that may have been disabled

• Recycle spent cans

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