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DuoMax General Purpose Cleaner Disinfectant 750ml
Order Code: 26-434

This versatile antibacterial multi-purpose cleaner contains the best antimicrobial cleaning agents combined with fantastic disinfecting agents which clean and also prevent bacterial build up. Not only does DuoMax clean, disinfect and applies a fighting residual barrier, it also degreases.


Unlike toxic and hazardous cleaning chemicals, DuoMax is not harmful to humans, plants, animals or surfaces. In fact, DuoMax does not even require a COSHH assessment and is fully compliant to REACH as well as BDP


Disinfects and cleans


Prevents a bacterial, fungal and viral build up


Applies a fighting residual barrier


Ready to use


Removes risk of cross contamination


Safe on skin as well as other surfaces including all hard surfaces, plastics, keyboards etc


Achieves a 99.9999% kill rate against bacteria


Duomax has successfully passed test BS EN 14476 (2005) – chemical disinfectants and antiseptics – virucidal quantitative suspension test for chemical disinfects against coronavirus.


Conclusion of BSEN 14476:

According to a modified en14476: 2005, Duomax possesses significant Virucidal activity (5.0 log reduction) against coronaviruses


The test that was carried out at an independent UKAS accredited facility by one of the world’s leading virologist, demonstrates that DuoMax possesses significant virucidal activity against CORONAVIRUS