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Traffi Gloves

Traffi Gloves

Traffi Gloves

Key features

  • 25% Increase in stretch and comfort so less hand fatigue
  • It’s cooler to the skin, thanks to the new 3TP technology composing of natural rubber latex, nitrile & neoprene
  • It’s considerably more comfortable and closer fit than nitrile, even after repeated stretching
  • Skin friendly and dermatologically approved
  • No animal testing on this product
  • It is made with a higher content of raw material sustainably produced locally within approved SEDEX audited supply chain in Sri Lanka
  • Lower carbon footprint in production


While some disposable gloves may claim to take just over 2.5 years to degrade when tested in specialist landfill conditions (Bio gas or injected oxygen) (ASTM D5526-12). This test does not represent standard landfill conditions as landfills vary greatly. This test is more suitable for bio gas sites or sites with the ability to inject oxygen and heating, not your regular UK landfill site. TD02 has been proven to rapidly biodegrade far faster than other nitrile biodegradable gloves on the market. This is due to its unique tri-polymer structure. Traditional nitrile gloves can take over 100 years on landfills. TD02 degrades by an impressive 82% within 90 days and is also highly suitable for industrial composting. * Tested to ISO 14855

Nitrile Dispoable Glove Vs TDO2

Most of the disposable gloves we see in the market use 100% petro-chemical content. This results in greater raw material extraction and upstream delivery CO2e footprint. There is 85% more energy per tonne required for nitrile than natural rubber. Production of these compounds also requires petrochemicals as feedstock for manufacturing- using 3.5 times more oil than is required for a rubber tree plantation.

We’ve changed the ingredients of traditional disposable gloves, which have a heavy carbon footprint, to a far lighter and more sustainable and measurable one. The key ingredient change is using exceptionally high-quality natural rubber, grown in our own factory plantations in Sri Lanka, then blended with other synthetic polymers, including nitrile, creating a master blend. The trees that produce the natural rubber then go on to be used as biomass wood pellet fuel for the factory. Providing sustainable power and heat, and a lower carbon footprint in production.

Made in Sri Lanka, not China

Many disposable gloves are made in China which is the world’s biggest greenhouse gas polluter and has a greater downstream shipping CO2e footprint for UK customers. TD02 is made in Sri Lanka with a high content of raw material sustainably produced locally within our supply chain, resulting in a lower carbon footprint within production.

Are these safe for Latex allergy suffers?

These gloves have been dermatologically approved by the Skin Health Alliance (SHA) and carries this mark on all packaging. The SHA is the leading international skin health authority working closely with dermatologists, researchers, and skin scientists. SHA award professional accreditation to companies, services and brands seeking specialist independent dermatological recognition for their product research. We test for extractable protein content and maintain levels below 25μg per g. We also test for the specific Hev B allergen content to ensure these will always remain at low levels in completed production. These gloves are certified to EN374 and EN455 and complies fully with the HSE specific approach and guidance for single use non powdered latex gloves.

Studies have shown that persons displaying sensitisation to natural rubber latex have been non-responsive to these low-allergen , low-protein and powder-free gloves.

Traffi Gloves


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